Please enquire at the restaurant for extensive range of vegetarian and vegan dishes.


MO:MO: (Chicken/Veg) 6 pcs $9.29 *

Light pastry dumpling with minced chicken or vegetables, steamed – very popular in Kathmandu Valley

Pakoda (Paneer/Veg) $8.90

Cottage cheese/cauliflower, eggplant, mushroom dipped in a lightly spiced chickpea batter, fried & served with mint sauce

Choyala (Chicken) $9.90

Nepalese style grilled chicken mixed with chopped ginger, garlic, chilli, coriander and tempered with turmeric oil

Singada 2 pcs $6.90 *

Layered filo pastry triangles, filled with sweet baby green peas and mashed potato, deep fried and served with mint sauce

Garlic Prawn 6 pcs $15.90

Tiger prawns sauted with garlic and finished with the touch of tangy sauce

Sherpa Surprise Chaat $9.90

Crunchy layers of deep fried baby spinach leaves, diced potatoes, chickpeas with yogurt & finished with date chutney

Meat Ball Chilli $10.90

Nepalese style chicken meatball with onion, tomato, chilli & capsicum tossed with tangy spicy sauce

Ginger Chicken $10.90

Fried chicken finished with fresh ginger, onion & mushroom in tomato sauce

Chicken Chilli $10.90

Batter fried chicken, stir fried with chilli sauce, onion, tomato, chilli and capsicum

Sekuwa (Chicken) $9.90

Marinated chicken, grilled in Kathmandu style

Lamb Cutlet 3 pcs $13.90

Marinated succulent lamb cutlets in hot fresh chilli and “Ajwain” grilled & served, garnished with sesame seeds & a mint sauce

Mix platter (minimum two order) $9.90

combination of Lamb Cutlet, chicken sekuwa $ singada

Goat Soup $7.90

House Special Soup with freshly chopped shallots & coriander

Orange Salad $6.90

Sweet orange mixed with yogurt & tempered with fenugreek seeds


Butter Chicken mild $16.90

Mouth watering succulent pieces of chicken thigh fillet cooked in smooth creamy tomato sauce, bit sweetened with honey, flavoured with aromatic methi leaves & garnished with slivered almonds

Chow Chow Beef/Chicken Mild $15.90 *

Stir fried noodles, beef/chicken with cauliflower, carrot, peas and green beans with a touch of soy & tomato sauce, mainly famous in capital of Nepal

Goat Curry Med $17.90

Nepalese traditional slow cooked goat curry in a masala made from fresh coconut, green chilli & ginger

Prawn Malekhu mild $18.90

Mildly spiced fragrant coconut based sauce. A popular dish from Central part of Nepal

Maji Ko Machha Mild $18.90

Fisherman style fish curry cooked with mustard seeds and finished with a touch of coconut milk

Lamb Curry med – hot $16.90

Tender diced lamb cooked slowly in an onion based curry distinctly flavoured with fresh ground pepper

Lamb Saag med $17.90

Tender diced lamb cooked with freshly ground baby spinach in mild flavours

Chicken Curry Med or Hot $15.90

An aromatic, peppery medium or hot dish spiced with sounf, star aniseed and coriander seeds from the Chettri community of Nepal

Terai Beef Med $15.90

A unique combination of fresh coconut, diced beef, ginger and potato in a mild sauce authentic to the Eastern (Terai) part of Nepal.

Mix Veg Curry Mild $12.90

Fresh and crunchy vegetables served in a smooth sauce prepared with our chef’s own curry powder & light coconut milk.

Eggplant & Spinach Mild $12.90

Stir fried eggplant & spinach with cumin seeds & house made spices

Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower & potato) Mild $12.90

Coriander flavoured cauliflower & potato prepared to a dry texture to accompany the meal

vegetable Ball Curry Mild $14.90

potato and cottage cheese dumplings tossed in a cashew nut based sauce

chyau, Kerau ra Paneer Med $13.90

Mushroom, greenpeas & cottage cheese cooked in a tomato creamy sauce with mild spices

Okra Tarkari Med $14.90

Stir fried whole baby okra, with onion, tomato, capsicum & black caraway

Tempered Dal mild $9.90

Red & split chickpea lentils cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, chilli & tempered with cumin seeds, onion & tomato

Quanti Dal Mild $12.90

Red kidney beans and a mix of lentils gently simmered with a garam masala, bouquet garni allowing the spice to infuse into the dal, finished with tempering of cumin & fresh garlic, a cultural dish of Newari community in Nepal.


Basmati rice $2.50

Saffron rice $5.00

(Optional: we do chicken, beef & veg fried rice – $8.50)

Plain Roti $3.00 *

A light nepalese bread cooked in hot plate

Garlic Roti $3.50 *

Stuffed with chopped garlic

Masala Roti $3.50 *

Stuffed with mashed potatoes

Keema Roti $4.00 *

Stuffed with light spiced chicken mince

Cheese Roti $4.50 *

Stuffed with grated cheese


$ 2.50 each (Side Dishes)


Mint Sauce

Tomato Pickle

Onion & tomato
Pappadums 4 pcs per serve *

$4.00 Nepali Pickle (Gundruk)


Eat in only – minimum order of two

All mains are unlimited


Starters – Chicken sekuwa, veg pakoda

Second Course – Chicken MO:MO:

Main Course: Quanti dal, goat curry, butter chicken, rice, roti, mint sauce & pappadums


Starter: chicken sekuwa, garlic prawns

Second Course: Chicken MO:MO:

Main Course: Quanti dal, goat, butter chicken, majhi ko machha, rice, roti, mint sauce & pappadums

Dessert: Himalayan ice cream


Eat in only

Vegetarian Thali $18.90

Tempered dal, chyau kerau ra paneer, mixed veg curry, pickle, rice & pappadums

Non vegetarian Thali $21.90

Tempered dal, goat curry, butter chicken, pickle, rice & pappadums


Laal Mohan $4.0

Deep fried milk powder dipped in sweet syrup flavoured with cardamom

Himalayan Mango Ice Cream $5.0

Traditional Nepalese homemade ice cream with fresh mango

Himalayan Pistachio Ice Cream $5.0

Traditional Nepalese homemade ice cream mixed with pistachio nuts

Laal Mohan with Vanilla Ice Cream $6.0

Vanilla Ice Cream $3.0

Tea $3.0

Masala Tea $3.5

Green Tea $3.5

Cappuccino $3.0

Flat White $3.0

Espresso $3.0

Tea & Coffee

Darjeeling Tea $4.0

Famous tea leaves picked from the tea garden of Darjeeling brewed for a minute

Nepalese Organic Coffee $4.0

Grown by small farmers of Nepal, in an altitude of 1600m or more with the Himalayan fragrance



Dunes Cuvée Brut NV (200ml)          $7

Redbank Emily Pinot Noir Chardonnay Bruit Cuvee           $29

WHITE WINE                                                             

Sherpa White                                                             $6.0              $24

O’Leary Walker ‘Watervale’ Riesling                $ 7.0              $ 28

Giesen Estate Sauvignon Blanc                          $8.0               $32

Yalumba Pinot Grigio                                           $7.0               $31

Oyster Bay New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc                            $33

Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon                                          $29

Brokenwood Cricket Pitch White                                   $28

Jim Barry Lavender Hill Late Picked Riesling (Sweet) $28


Langmeil Winery Bella Rouge Rosé                                          $27


Sherpa Red                                                                  $6.0            $24

Primo Estate ‘Merlesco’ Merlot                             $7.0           $32

Rymill ‘ The Yearling’ Cabernet Sauvignon    $8.0           $33

Penfold’s Koonunga Hill Shiraz                             $7.0          $30

Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier                         $26

MadFish Sideways Shiraz $7.0 $30


Hahn Light, Australia  $5.0

James Boag’s Premium Lager, Australia  $6.0

Crown Lager, Australia $6.0

Tooheys Extra Dry, Australia $6.0

Blue Tongue Premium Lager, Australia $6.0

Cascade Premium Lager, Australia $6.0

Pure Blonde, Australia $6.0

Kingfisher, India $7.0

Tiger, Singapore $7.0

Corona, Mexico $7.0


Chivas Regal $7.0

Jim Beam $7.0

Smirnoff Vodka $7.0

Bacardi $7.0

Bundaberg Up Rum $7.0

Bombay Sapphire Gin $7.0

Johnnie Warker Red Lebel Whiskey $7.0


Balleys $6.0

Cointreau $6.0

Kahlua $6.0

Malibu $6.0


Grandfather $8.0


Sparkling Mineral Water (500ml) $7.0

Still Mineral Water (500ml) $7.0

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lift $3.0

Orange Juice $4.0

Mango Lassi $4.0

Corcage $ 3.0