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How Can I Be Sure That My Security Door is Top Quality? 


Be Sure That My Security Door is Top Quality? In Australia 2022

  Be Sure That My Security Door is Top Quality? In Australia 2022

How can you be absolutely sure that a security door will really do what it has been designed to do? You’ve chosen a security door to ensure that your home and household will be protected, but how do you know that the door you’ve chosen is top quality?

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether that security door you invested in will actually protect you when you if someone tries to break in? With burglary rates on the rise across Melbourne, it’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask. The difficulty, of course, is that you won’t know for sure until your security door is put to the test. That’s why, when choosing a security door for your home, you want to make sure you select a top-quality security door that has been proven to guard your household against intruders.

Does the door meet the Australian Standards?

The best way to tell if your security door is top quality is to determine whether it meets the Australian Standards for security doors. The Australian Standards are a rigorous set of tests that determine whether a door can legally be called a ‘security’ security screen doors

 or whether they need to be advertised as a ‘barrier’ door. In Australia, this means meeting AS5039-2008 for the product and AS5040 for installation, meaning your security door has passed:

  • The Knife Shear Test;
  • The Impact Test;
  • The Anti-jemmy Test;
  • The Pull Test; and
  • The Probe Test.

Ask the manufacturer of your security door to provide you with the certificate. If they can’t, then yours is not a top-quality front security doors


Built to fit

The term ‘top-quality’ refers not only to the physical quality of the security door but also how well it performs the role it was installed to do.

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A security door is only going to do its job effectively if it is custom-built to your frame. After all, no door frame is 100% rectangular! While it might be made of the best quality materials, a mass-produced door will not perform as a top-quality door when it is installed in your home. Any gaps in the frame can give burglars enough room to jemmy the door off, no matter how robust the door itself is. For a powerful security barrier, all doors should be installed by someone who custom builds the door to your door frame.

Made from top-quality materials

Assuming your door has been measured to your frame, the next question you should ask yourself is whether the door is made from the highest quality materials. A security door sits outside the home, exposing it to the harsh elements of the temperamental Melbourne weather. That means an array of hail, flying debris from strong winds, rain, humidity and extreme UV rays (and all likely on the same day, right?). A good quality security door should be built from aluminium for corrosion-resistance or steel for ultimate strength.

But the top-quality security doors are made from stainless steel, which combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of aluminium. Only a door that is durable to damage will protect you effectively against intruders for many years to come.

Do you have a top-quality security door? If your security door does not meet the above requirements, it won’t function as effectively as a security door that is made-to-measure, built to last, and passes the Australian Standards.

Are you thinking of upgrading your substandard security door to a top-quality door? The team at Jim’s  Security Doors In Melbourne can come to your home and provide you with a consultation to discuss your security needs as well as a comprehensive measure and quote – and all at no cost to you! No top-quality security door will be a cheap investment, which is why we are upfront and honest about our prices and timelines. If you are considering upgrading your security doors and don’t know where to start, call Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46 for a free consultation, measure and quote.

How Can I Be Sure That My Security Door is Top Quality? security door, Does the door meet the Australian Standards 2022?

The Knife Shear Test, The Impact Test, The Anti-jemmy Test’ The Pull Test, The Probe Test, front security doors

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